Personal Finance Software: How to Use in the Most Advantageous Way


To make your financial situation better, you need to pay attention not only to how much you earn but also to how much you spend. It is easy to do this – start tracking your expenses and income using one of personal finance software programs.

Below, you can find 10 most popular finance software programs. Read about them and consider which one will be the best for you.

1. Money Lover

Money Lover is an application for those who want to keep their finances under control. With it, you can keep track of spending, form a budget and always be aware of how much savings you have. In addition, the application can record your debt obligations and regular payments, as well as remind you to make another payment.

2. Money Manager

This best personal finance software is really functional. It allows you to control revenues, expenses. Here you can evaluate what will be better for you in a certain moment: save some money or take a loan. This financing software also provides comprehensive statistics for any period of time that interests you. Among the most significant functions are the following: access to data from a computer, the use of a double-entry system, budget planning for certain categories, credit, and debit card management.

3. Splittable

Splittable application is a quick solution for those people who rent an apartment together or share the cost of maintaining a household with other family members. With it, you can easily understand who pays more for utilities, how much money each member has spent on the purchase of products and other general needs. Splittable will bring order to your total expenses, which will help to avoid unnecessary disputes.

4. Bills Monitor

Each of us has to make a large number of mandatory payments every month. Rent, utilities, cable TV, internet, language courses, gym and much more. The delay in any of these payments will cause problems or deprive you of any benefits, so it is better to try not to forget about them.

With the Bills Monitor application, you will be absolutely sure that you paid all your bills on time, and also get an idea of how much money is left.

5. Goodbudget

Goodbudget is an application to control your personal finances. Its main difference from other programs is that the user is asked to create a financial plan for the month by him-/herself. You can specify how much you would like to spend on entertainment, transport, food, and other spending categories. This free personal finance software tracks how well you stick to your intended goals.

6. Money Wallet

It may seem that not many high-quality applications for managing personal finances have been written for the Windows platform. Yet. it’s not true. A perfect example is Money Wallet, which combines all your accounts in one place, monitors the state of the budget and reminds you about scheduled payments on time.

In this application, you can maintain various types of accounts (cash, bank account, credit card). It supports multi-currency with the ability to update the current rate via the Internet and also allows you to create weekly, monthly and annual budget.

7. Expensify

The main task of Expensify is to store and recognize cash checks. All you need to do is take a picture of the bill in a cafe, bar or shop so that the smart application automatically brings the amount presented on it to the necessary category of expenses. This finance software is perfect for business trips, after which you must submit a detailed report on your spendings to your company.

8. Monefy

Monefy helps you organize a convenient accounting system for all your expenses. This application has an intuitive interface that allows you to instantly add new entries: about buying goods, getting salary, taking a payday loan. If you have several devices or you want to keep track of the expenses of the whole family, the application can be synchronized with Dropbox. The same cloud service stores backup copies of data in case of some kind of smartphone failure or loss.

9. Moneygraph +

Moneygraph + is a simple and understandable way of accounting for entrepreneurs, freelancers, copywriters, business people and representatives of other professions who have been constantly changing sources and amounts of income.

The application allows you to create multiple accounts and make transfers between them, use the built-in categories and create your own. You can also set up and save reports, as well as synchronize data between multiple devices via OneDrive.

10. Toshl

The application supports almost 200 currencies, including 30 cryptocurrencies, and constantly updates the rate. It imports data from online bank files, reminds you of putting spendings in the appropriate columns, and automatically synchronizes with the site. Funny monsters will help you tracking the budget. For conservatives, the application generates reports in PDF, Excel and Google Docs.

Summing Up

It is hard to say what the best free personal finance software is. It depends on the target and financial situation of a user. Have you tried one of these or any other personal financing software? You are welcome to share your experience in the comments section below.

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